written by: rahulmerel

Have already heard about CT Scan?

Today dentistry is getting more and more developed. Various equipment is invented to facilitate the Dentist’s tasks and to make the Patient satisfied. Among the latest dentistry revolutionary is CT Scan. In fact, CAT Scan is the acronyms of Computerized Axial Tomography or CT scan. It is special x-ray equipment used on teeth. This equipment will facilitate the dentist’s tasks. The goal of this equipment is to get different images from different angles. Obviously, when the images are combined, CT Scan shows a cross-section of the jaw. The image is shown in 3D. Apart from that, this equipment is able to reveal nerves, maxillary sinuses, and other anatomical landmarks. It shows more images compared to the simple x-rays and gives full visual information to study your case from each angle.

Benefits of using CT Scan

This equipment is one of the most advanced radiology system in the world and all of the dentists should get it to make the patient satisfied. The goal of this equipment is to get exact information for oral surgeries and dental implants. CT Scan gives a result for a short time, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get the result. For those who think the negative side given by this equipment, they shouldn’t be worried as it contains a low radiation exposure. Hence, it doesn’t have any risks to destroy your health. Moreover, CT Scan will also help you to make specific diagnostic in your mouth. Thanks to this diagnostic, the dentist can determine the main problem around your teeth.

How does CT Scan work?

Note that CT Scan is used only on your teeth. You need one exposure for each picture taken by it. In order to compare to a single 3D cone beam scan, the dentist needs many exposures. Here are the different tasks that this equipment can achieve. At the first time, it is an intraoral x-ray. As its name suggests, it helps the dentists to check the health under the root and gives more details on your teeth areas. Besides, CT Scan can act as extraoral x-rays. It is specialized in the jaw and skull. Therefore, it can check serious problems between jaws and teeth. CT Scan can be used especially in implantology and orthodontics. After this, CT Scan is at the same time panoramic x-rays. It means it allows the dentist making a visually in the entire mouth area. That is to say, all your teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Finally, this equipment can also diagnosis the tumors. The dentist can also detect the impacted teeth.

Why must the dentist have a CT Scan?

In our teeth, there are areas that the dentist can’t see especially during the oral surgery and implantology. The different specific cases that the Ortho-Pantograph can’t achieve is accomplished by the CT Scan. Aside from this, when the Dentist meets difficult and complex implant cases, CT Scan is his only solution because firstly the specialist is able to check your specific anatomic condition. And secondly, he or she can plan in advance how to solve this problem.

Which Dentists in Dubai are doing CT Scan for teeth?

Dubai has many dental clinics. Specially if you visit the Jumeirah Road, you will find hundreds of clinics next to each other. Imagine the competition they must be giving each other. However, only a few had the equipment to carry CT scan for teeth. There are some useful resources on the internet with the complete list of dentists in Dubai.